About Us

Captain Anthi grew up in one of Santorini’s oldest fishermen families. Back when they started fishing, their main fishing spot was the Old Fishermen’s Harbour. It was a quiet place, with only a couple of fishing boats. Since then, a lot has changed. In her own words:

“One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood is walking down the stairs to the harbour to bring food to my fisherman father when I was little… Growing up I have been incredibly lucky to be around people who made a living from the sea, this way I learnt to treat the seas and all the creatures living in it with respect. My family has been sustained from fishing for decades and as the sea sustained us, we now try to do our best to raise awareness for sustainable fishing practices, which we ourselves keep as a guiding principle.

Later on I left Santorini to study. My return to the island coincided with a huge surge of the tourism industry and while I was happy to see Santorini’s beauty being appreciated by thousands of people flocking from around the world, I was not happy to find that there was not a single traditional Greek fishing boat in the fishermen’s harbour! There was almost nothing there to remind me of my identity and the traditions of my land. There was nothing original left for the visitor to enjoy in this place we call home. So when my family go the first official fishing tourism licence in Southern Santorini, I knew what I had to do: I would make it so that each guest who steps on our boat will get to take a part of Greece back home, along with his memories!”

Captain Anthi Arvaniti