Fishing Tours in Santorini: Fish Like A Greek!

 Our Philosophy

Sustainable fishing practices are embedded in our core! We are proud to practice sustainable fishing tourism, starting from the basics: We only fish as much as required to cover our guests meal on board and we never sell any excess fish we might catch, while our prawn creels are hand-made using recyclable materials!

Our revenue comes from ticket sales and not on the quantity of fish we catch, therefore we break the overfishing cycle! Moreover, we throw back in the sea all juvenile fish we may have caught! And as soon as we have enough fish for our guests meal, we also return any excess fish to the sea! Any fish that remain on board are used as bait when they start to go bad, this way we recycle them!

Unfortunately, in recent years several invasive species have entered Mediterranean waters and many of them can be found in Santorini. We try to fish, cook and eat as many as possible, doing our part to unburden the environment!