Unique Fishing Experiences by "Giorgaros"

The best Fishing Experiences by Santorini Fishing Tours! 

The people of Santorini Fishing Tours propose a range of experiences that you can live only in Santorini; for example fishing at sunset time with the notorious sunset of Santorini in the background, enjoying your catch cooked sea-fresh or even combining a cruise at the Santorini’s seas as you are indulging in your favourite activity. We can also organize a tailor made fishing tour in Santorini according to your interests and fishing capabilities. Read below all the details for the Fishing Experiences by Santorini Fishing Tours! 

Sunset Fishing 

The sunset of Santorini is among the most beautiful experiences that you can live in Santorini. Imagine fishing at sunset time. Admire the sunset, the changes in the colours of the horizon and feel the vibrations of Santorini’s wonders as you are fishing in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. This is a highly recommended fishing tour as it combines Santorini’s most celebrated spectacle you’re your beloved hobby, fishing. 

Deep Waters Fishing 

The Deep Waters Fishing Tour is addressed to both professional and amateur fishermen. The thrills of fishing in the deep and crystal clear waters of Santorini is an activity that will bring you closer to a complete fishing experience in Santorini. The open seas of the island are waiting to share their beauty and rich depths with fishing aficionados from all over the world. 

Tuna & Shrimp Fishing 

Did you know that the Aegean Sea’s tuna and shrimp have a distinctive taste? Also it is good to know that the Giorgaros fishing boat is the only one in Santorini equipped to fish shrimp with a crew equally experienced in fishing both shrimp and tuna. We also know how to locate the best tuna and shrimp fisheries, and it is a unique experience to dine on tuna and shrimp that you caught yourself!

Overnight Fishing 

Experienced fishermen know that if you want a great catch then you have to wake up early and sail to the open seas in order to find an active spot. Santorini Fishing Tours experiences include the Overnight Fishing Package where you can join our fishing team and enjoy fishing in the authentic Greek way. So, wake up early and enjoy the sunrise experience in Santorini, which is as evocative and alluring as the much-praised sunset.  

Fish & Cruise 

Combine the best of both worlds. Enjoy a cruise in the waters of Santorini at the same time as fishing. The Santorni Fishing Tours propose the Fish & Cruise experience where all participants can admire the magical volcanic scenery of Santorini as they are waiting for the fish to bite the bait. The best choice if not all the participants are interested in fishing. 

Fish & Cook 

This is yet another fishing experience that you simply must to live. You can cook and taste the fish that you catch and enjoy a complete fishing experience in Santorini. As fresh as you fished it, we will cook for you the catch of the day in a full Aegean fish meal accompanied with traditional appetizers and drinks that will make you part of the genuine fishing experience in Santorini. Both Morning & Sunset Fishing Tour by Santorini Fishing Tours include a meal and beverages!